How to Solve Quadratic Formulas

What are Quadratics?

Quadratics are algebraic equations that have a degree of 2. They can be solved using the quadratic formula.

A quadratic equation is an equation with a degree of 2. It is usually written in the form ax2 + bx + c = 0 which can be simplified to ax2 + bx = –c.

The quadratic formula is used to solve these equations.

How to Solve a Quadratic Equation

Quadratic equations are expressions that involve the square of a variable, and can be solved by using the quadratic formula.

To solve a quadratic equation, one needs to find the discriminant. The discriminant is found by taking the difference between b2-4ac and then finding its square root.

It is important to note that if b2-4ac is negative, then there are two solutions for the equation. If it is positive, then there will only be one solution for the equation.

Quadratic Functions – Parabolas

A parabola is a curve that opens upward or downward and is symmetrical about the axis of symmetry. It can be defined as the set of points that are equidistant from a fixed point (called the focus) and a fixed straight line (called the directrix).

The graph of a quadratic function, also known as parabolas, has an open shape. The graph can be described by two points on either side of the axis of symmetry, which is called the vertex. The vertex has coordinates (-b/2a, 0), where b is the y-intercept and a is the slope.

The equation for graphing parabolas is given by y =ax2+bx+c

Quadratic Functions – Solutions & Discriminants

The discriminant is the b2-4ac.

The discriminant is a function that determines whether a quadratic equation has two real roots or not. It helps in determining the number of solutions to an equation. The discriminant can be found by using the following formula:


Identifying The Roots Of A Quadratic Equation

There are many ways to identify the roots of an equation. One way is to factor the equation and find the roots. Another way is to use a quadratic formula.

The roots of a quadratic equation can be found by using either a quadratic formula or by factoring the equation.